works of  Carl C Pisaturo
San Francisco, February 2017.  Carl Pisaturo's installation of Lumino-Kinetic Art at 2881 23rd St. SF, CA is about to be uninstalled and moved cross country. 

In the interest of more cash and less carrying, several machines are being offered for sale for the first time.

Some or all of the work listed below is still set up for inspection.  Please make an appointment.
2881 23rd Street, SF, CA 94110
Contact CarlPisaturo at his gmail account.

All work designed and manufactured by CCP in USA of high quality archival materials .  Price includes assistance with installation locally (SF Bay Area). 

#2        TRANSMUTASCOPE,  25" size,  length oscillation epoxy cylinder series.                       $2,500
#7        OCTOPUS,  2 motor kinetic sculpture w/ lighting, manual and automatic operation.        $5,000
#10        SERPENTINE ARM,  Retired robotics research platform, (museum display).               $10,000
#11        MIRROR LAMP,   29" x 36" automatic light sculpture.                                                     $2,500
#12        SPACE PAINTER,  Stobe illusion fast-spinning kinetic sculpture.                                   $3,500