Carlovision: Camera Rig
CAMERAS: pair of Canon T3 bodies (low cost & versatile) w/ 24mm  f2.8 lenses.  .
Allows common operations to be performed quickly without touching the computer.
CAMERA TROLLEYS: Delrin and aluminum structures hold cams in portrait mode and allow easy lateral sliding.  Camera spacing ranges from 3" (as shown) to 16".  Camera spacing, or "stereo base" is a key variable in stereo photography, and must be increased for more distant subjects to achieve "pop".
SLIP RING SYSTEM: Transmits shutter trigger signals,  power, etc to continuously rotating cameras. 
CAMERA SETTINGS:  Both cameras must have same settings, usually fully manual so that lighting and focus stay consistent within a stereo pair and throughout a panorama. Shutter speed usually set to "bulb" so that exposure can be gradually adjusted during lighting changes.
zero-backlash coupling
MOTOR: Powerful NEMA 23 stepper with 1:20 gearhead allows rapid pan moves of camera rail, even with widely spaced heavy cameras .
T-RAIL: for trolleys, easily swapped out for longer stereo base shoots.
SPINDLE:  innovative damped, zero-play teflon cone based system, with tubular steel axle. The stability of the spindle design is critical for photo sharpness when taking long exposures.
REMOTE TRIGGERING:  The control system fires both cameras synchronously via the remote jacks, and may also control shutter speed ("bulb ramping") through these jacks.
EXTERNAL POWER:  allows cameras to operate far longer than internal battery would permit
MINI TRIPOD, optional
ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE: Contains USB stepper controller, USB I/O board, power converters for cam power and stepper power, cam trig circuits.
UMBILICAL: USB cable to laptop and power cable to 12 volt battery.
works of  Carl C Pisaturo