Electronic Modules: CPM5
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The CPM5 motor ramper allows easy, gracefull, unidirectional open-loop control of small and medium (up to 3A, 24V) DC motors. It is a much simplified version of the CPM4 controller.

Although designed around the needs of the kinetic sculptor, the module can be used for a wide variety of motorization needs.  Simplicity, maintainability  and reliability were the key design goals.

A CPM5 can throttle a motor in a 2 elecrically selectable ways:
        a) 2 logic lines :  This allows for 4 speeds (Stop, settable "Slow",
            settable "Med", 100%)
        b) DC voltage.  0-5V gives 0-100% power or PWM 0-100% @ flexible            frequency gives 0-100% power.

This allows for the common need for human control via a pot, or automatic control by a digital sequencer.

SIMPLICITY:   The CPM5 does the low level work with an on-board microcontroller so that very simple control strategies can be used.   The variable power ramping rates can give smooth accelerations with just one control line.     

MAINTAINABILITY:  The CPM5 helps keep a complex motorized system operating for the long term.  By giving the user system information and several easily controllable parameters on the front panel, problems that  may crop up in the physical system can be quickly identified and addressed.  Program development / debug / modification is simplified by the displays and controls.

CPM5 units have been used for several years in Space Painters, Transmutascopes, Orbit Machines, etc, and have an excellent reliability record.
works of  Carl C Pisaturo